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Myopia is a common eye disorder which is caused due to a refractive error in the eyes. This condition makes people nearsighted which basically means that while they are able to see objects close to them clearly, they find it hard to focus on objects that are placed at a distance. With EverYoung Medical Aesthetics Centre you can now get the eyes corrected permanently. The main cause of Myopia is the shape of the eyes. Normal eyes are curved slightly, while patients who suffer from Myopia have an elongated eyeball which does not allow the light to refract correctly.

This causes images to look blurry and distorted. Myopia is not a genetic disorder. Parents with perfect eyesight can still have a child who is myopic. Myopia needs to be treated on time since it can worsen. The condition usually occurs at a very early age and worsens as the child grows. If your child complains about constant headaches and difficulty in focusing on objects it is advised to get their eyes checked. The sooner Myopia is detected the faster you can begin Myopia treatment. Myopia is a condition that can get worse when ignored, so make sure you take the right measures to identify it soon. Most Myopia patients confirm that although the condition worsened during their childhood, it stabilized once they reached adulthood.

If you are a parent, look out for the early symptoms of myopia in your child to make sure you diagnose it early. Some of the most common symptoms include the following

  • Difficulty in focusing on objects that are far away such as the blackboard.
  • Constant squinting while attempting to focus on distant objects.
  • Headaches due to eyestrain.
  • Adults with myopia will find it difficult to drive and focus on road signs.
  • Difficulty to see at night.
  • Children with Myopia will sit very close to the television or the computer to focus on the screen.
  • They will hold books very close to them.
  • Failure at identifying people or objects at a distance.
  • Excessive blinking.
  • Constant eye rubbing.