Christian Capozzoli Is Creating Something From Nothing

We often see small town actors and theater artists who over a period of time become producers and directors to fulfill their creative instincts within them which is not fulfilled by the amount of work offered to them. Christian Capozzoli who is an American born artist, started his career on TV and was part of various TV series and short films. While he did get appreciation for his work and his performances, but like many it was not enough to satisfy his creative talents that are waiting to come out and be showcased to the people around the world.

Christian Capozzoli who has recently worked in a movie called The Week Of which stars Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, is working as a creative director along with Angshuman Gosh on a project called The Improvisers: Something from Nothing. It is about standup comedy and this show has a group of four experience comedians who will take any suggestion or topic from the audience and turn it into a full blown explosive improvised show.

The group of four has already performed at various parts of the World like India, New York and Dubai. They have a total of more than a 100 shows performed till date. The show is a hit and has already gained a lot of popularity and positive reviews from people around the world. Christian Capozzoli show will incorporate music, theatre and comedy and will create something from nothing. It is a very interactive show and it’s a fun new format which is nothing like the same old ordinary shows. That’s why people from all around the world are very eager to be part and experience these shows. So if you have any suggestions, then reach out and be part of one of these shows and see something created from nothing.