Windows Lumia 10 Specifications And Screenshot App Is Finally Here

What most people thought to be a mid price range phone will cost a lot more. With a view to keep up with the competition Microsoft plans to launch a high end Smartphone with specifications that could be compared to an iPhone. The Lumia was the last Smartphone Microsoft launched which was reasonably priced. However, Microsoft is thinking big this time and is looking to get some high end customers too.

The latest editions of the Microsoft phones which are currently coded as Ciyman and Talkman are scheduled to hit markets later this year.  Both the Smartphones are high end phones have been designed keeping in mind the look of an iPhone. This smartphone will support the app that will allow you to take screenshots whenever you want and this is something that will be a revolution.

It is believed that Cityman will be the better version and will come with a 5.7 inch screen. The phone will be powered by an Octa core processor and will have a QHD display. Cityman is also believed to have a 3GM RAAM that will enable the phone to run smoothly. It will come with an in built memory of a staggering 32GB. The rear camera will be 20 megapixels while the front camera is believed to be 5 megapixel. The phone will also have a 3,300 mAh battery.

Talkman will be a slightly smaller phone with a 5.2 inch display. This phone is believed to have a six core processor and a smaller 3,000 mAh battery. All the other specifications are believed to be the same as Cityman. Considering the efforts Microsoft is putting to stay ahead in the mobile industry, one needs to wait to see if these Smartphones manage to deliver as promised.