MP3 Videos From Youtube

YouTube is a treasure trove of every kind of video imaginable from the informative ones that you add in school presentations, instructional videos to shows and movies and even funny home videos that relieve some of the boredom that you feel. We tend to download a lot of the funny and helpful YouTube videos that we see but there are times that we need them in certain formats. To download YouTube videos to MP3, special online converters made for the exact purpose are what you should look for. Luckily, a user-friendly converter is what offers.

Online Video Converter

By accessing the link above, you’ll be redirected to the online YouTube video converter; the functions are as simple and easy as it could get. First things first, usage is totally free that’s why you’ll come across a handful of advertisements displayed on the page. On the homepage, there are three main functions to choose from; converting a video through the link or URL, converting audio and video files already downloaded on your device and downloading a browser extension of the website. We’ll concentrate on the first choice, which is to download YouTube videos to MP3 formats.

After clicking on the first button on the choices, open YouTube and search for the video that you want to download and convert. Click on the video, copy the link or URL generated, and paste the copied link on the text field found on the online YouTube video converter. Choose the desired video format and customize the video settings. Go through the options that you selected before clicking ‘start’ and wait for the conversion to finish. And that’s basically it, when the website notifies you that the conversion is done, the file can be downloaded; the entire process is that quick and simple.