These Apps Have Changed The Dating Game

Flirting directly to the face of a shy guy may cause him to go into a shell. If you want him to be at ease and you want him to react to your flirtation, you need to flirt with him on a more private platform such as free dating apps. Flirt with him a little bit over text messages. When you flirt with him over text messages, he will be able to take his time to respond without getting absolutely slammed against a wall. If he is interested in you he will probably flirt back comfortably over texts and the next time he meets you will be able to flirt with you face to face too.

Don’t Make Him Feel Intimidated

If you make a shy guy feel intimidated with your overpowering personality, he will automatically react negatively and avoid you. Shy guys cannot handle women who come across as strong, aggressive and bold. You can slowly portray your unabashed boldness once he has been receptive to your subtle flirting and has responded back positively. If you start showing him your fearless nature at first only, he may not even want to flirt back with you and it may backfire on you.

Shy guys are really nice guys and getting into a relationship with one will prove to be extremely beneficial for you. However, to get a shy guy on your team can be tricky. The littlest bit of aggression from your end and you will have him running for the hills. Be smart and practical when you flirt with him. Let him feel comfortable and make sure he isn’t embarrassed. Go easy on him so that he gets the chance to take it all in and respond back to your hints. Once you have got his attention, you can move forward in a more confident and fearless manner.