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Some of the unique features of this cleaner vacuum from Hygiene Supplies West Midlands are the UV light that takes care of bacteria, allergens and germs whilst cleaning, it also has a big LCD display that shows a status update like the pending cleaning time and more. This cleaner cleans all types of floors and surface efficiently, it could prove to be a blessing for households with different floorings in each room. It fulfills three important procedures of cleaning: vacuum, sweep and sanitize.

Initially, we were skeptical about its shape, wondering if it could provide complete cleaning. But its cleaning process definitely proved us wrong. This model has side brushes that rotate vigorously as they pass by walls. I would like to recommend this model to households with wooden floorings. Also, this machine could clean a small house with just one charge.

It features all the previous specifications like adaptive brushes, 3-stage cleaning and intelligent programming. You could schedule up to seven cleaning sessions per week. You could be coming home from a tired day at work or might be returning from a fun trip, you would always have a sparkly house to welcome you. There is a large dust bin which is easily removable, emptied and washed. Washing and cleaning of the unit would take only up to five minutes.

This device is low on maintenance, for it to be in good shape try using it every day. Daily use will only enhance its performance and hence do not worry about its condition. In comparison to other cleaner vacuums, this one follows a professional terrain allowing high quality cleaning with almost no noise. For individuals who work from home, this could be a blessing, since it does its work in silence without disturbing others at home.